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Weekly  Services
Through the practical, Bible preaching, families are being encouraged, needs are being met, and lives are being changed. Every week God's Word is opened and boldly proclaimed. Every week our team of singers and musicians gather to worship the Lord through music. We strive to worship the Lord in a way that truly honors Him.

We encourage those that love the ministry of Heritage to invite their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others throughout the week using the outreach tools provided by our ministry.  We also have special times throughout the year when we go into our community as a group and invite those we meet to join us at HBC.

Our ministry is committed to helping Christians become grounded in their faith and learn answers to their spiritual questions. Our discipleship program has been proven effective, relevant and biblically sound. When you enroll in discipleship, you will be placed with an experienced Christian who will help guide you in your     new-found faith.

Missions are an important part of Heritage Baptist Church.  God has given us the "Great Commission" to GO into the entire world and PREACH the Gospel.  It is our sincere desire to be apart of mission’s works worldwide. It is our vision to be an active part of each of our missionary’s works.  We feel that their ministry is an extension of the ministry of Heritage Baptist and as such, we intend to be actively involved with our missionary families.

Heritage Baptist Missionaries
Jeremy and Esther Lockhart - Deputation Director WWNTBM
Paul and Sarah Johnson - Missionaries to Japan
Jon and Marie Hall - Missionaries to Australia
Gabe and Susan Eiben - Radio Ministry Missionaries in Pohnpei
Michael and Jen Helton - Missionaries to Spain
Danny and Haruna McKittrick - Missionaires to US Military in Japan
Alan and Elena Sutphen - Missionaries to Uganda
Dan and Rachel Brown - Missionaries to Madagascar
Rafael and Cara Soto - Church Planters to Hawaii Kai, Oahu
John and Kim O'Malley - General Director of WWNTBM
Travis and Sarah Medeiros - Church Planters to Oahu, Hawaii
Matt and Katie Brunk - Church Planters to Maui, Hawaii

Teen Ministry
Heritage offers exciting opportunities for teens, and most importantly, a place to grow spiritually and become a generation ready and willing to make a difference for Christ.

Teen Activities
Activities are scheduled on a monthly basis with excitement and memories in mind.  Our youth ministry has the right burden, the right focus and the right leadership to impact our young people for God..

Super Church (K-5th Grade)
On Sunday mornings we have an exciting and interactive program available for your K-5th grader.  While you are worshipping and learning new truths from God's Word,  our team of highly motivated and background checked individuals are teaching your children God's Word in a way that they can grasp and retain for a life time.  

Heritage Baptist is a family! Because you are important to God, it is important to us that you find some fellowship that is your perfect fit.

Life Groups on Wednesdays at 6:45 PM

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